What should I share in my coaching program?

Am I sharing enough? 

Am I sharing too much? 

How can I make sure that clients actually get results? 

Is there a structure I should be following? 

What should I do?????? 

These are all the questions that I asked myself when I first started my coaching business. 

I knew that I had a passion for helping others, but I just didn't know how to translate that into a coaching program. 

And don't even get me started on high-ticket coaching. 

I had no idea if I could even share enough that people would be willing to pay for it? 

When I got my first 3 clients, I made $2400 and I felt really accomplished. 

But I knew that if I kept charging $800 per client, I would wear myself out. 

So I made a decision to get help, I got clear on my ideal client, and I started reaching high quality clients.

Fast forward 3 years and I've been able to serve clients who pay thousands to work with me. 

The investment for my coaching programs range from $3,000 to $36,000. 

Clients invest in retreats, one on one coaching, group coaching, and high-level courses. 

But more important to me is the clients that I've been able to help. 

They've been able to get results like booking their first clients, shifting mindsets, and generating six-figures in a year. 

If I allowed my doubts to get the better of me, I never would have moved forward. 

But I knew I had something to share, and I was passionate about serving my clients. 

So I had to get out of my own way. 

If you're ready to take the powerful step forward and finally book the right clients, I would love to invite you in to...

Create & Fill Your Coaching Program

Everything you need to start selling your coaching program

In this course I'm going to share with you exactly how to structure your coaching program, figure out what content to include, get clear on your ideal client, and meet them right where they are.

What should I expect?

Once you complete this course your coaching business is going to do a complete 180. You'll know where the clients are and exactly how to make those sales.

What you're getting...

  • 1


    • Welcome to Create & Fill Your Coaching Program

    • The Fully Working Funnel

  • 2


  • 3

    Module 1 - The Energy of a Fully Booked Coach

    • The Energy of a Fully Booked Coach

    • Backing into the Numbers of a Full Time Coach

    • Committing to Your Goal

    • Recommended Books & Audios

    • How I Started a Meditation Practice

    • 77 Reasons

  • 4

    Module 2 - Branding & Growth

    • Telling Your Story

    • Your Unique Selling Proposition

    • Planning the Customer Journey

    • Creating an Enticing Email Freebie

    • Using ConvertKit - Setting Up Email

    • Email Marketing Strategies

    • Social Domination

  • 5

    Module 3 - Creating a Solid Coaching Program

  • 6

    Module 4 - Enrolling Clients in Your Coaching Program

    • How to Narrow Down Your Ideal Client

    • Where to Find Buyers (Not Time-Wasters)

    • How to Avoid Rescue Clients

    • How to Help Clients Get Results

    • What to Say to ACTUALLY Enroll That First Client

    • Setting Up the Client Intake Form

    • Tech Help for Discovery Calls- Booking System & Client Intake Form

    • Tech Help - How to Deliver the Coaching

    • Q&A from Session 2

    • BONUS - My Client On-Boarding Workflow

    • BONUS - My Pre-Client Application Walkthrough

    • BONUS - My Post Feedback Survey for Clients

  • 7

    Module 5 - Launching

    • The Quick Launch Method

    • The Quick Launch Method Q&A

    • What is the Fastest Way to Get Coaching Clients?

    • How to Get Coaching Clients Using Live Streams

    • The Launch Strategy for Facebook & IG Ads

    • 12 Methods You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet to Get Coaching Clients

    • 90 Day Marketing Plan - The Content Blitz Formula

  • 8

    Module 6 - Sales Strategies to Fill Your Coaching Program

    • The Sales Call Structure

    • How to Get a Client TODAY

    • Writing Engaging Sales Emails

    • Scripts to Have a Successful Sales Call

    • How to Overcome Objections

    • Helping Clients Get Resourceful

    • **NEW! Daily Sales Activities

    • **NEW! - The Client Outreach Script and Daily Sales Activities

    • [PDF] The Client Outreach Script

  • 9

    Supplemental Materials

    • My One on One Coaching Contract

    • Client Welcome Email Template

    • Client Coaching Goals Worksheet

  • 10

    BONUS: Building a Coaching Website Using ClickFunnels

    • How to Use Custom Domain ClickFunnels

    • Website Resources

    • Creating Your Website Step 1

    • Creating Your Website Step 2

    • Creating Your Website Step 3

    • Creating Your Website Step 4

    • Creating Your Website Step 5

    • Creating Your Website Step 5.1

    • Creating Your Website Step 6

    • Creating Your Website Step 7

    • Creating Your Website Step 7.1

    • Creating Your Website Step 8

    • Creating Your Website Step 9

    • Creating Your Website Step 9.1

  • 11

    What next?

    • Closing Party

Click-by-Click Tech Walkthroughs

No student left behind video trainings allow you to easily set up your tech

  • How to Schedule Discovery Calls

    On this video walkthrough, I'll share with you the call scheduling software that I use so the discovery call process is seamless.

  • How to Send Your New Client a Digital Contract

    In this video training I will share the FREE online software that I use to send coaching contracts to new clients. I'll also show you how to create the template so the client just has to complete and sign.

  • How to Host Your Coaching Calls

    In this video training, I'll share the two methods to host your coaching calls, how to save the call recordings, and how to make the process easy for clients.

Ready to finally launch your coaching program?

Why wait another second when you can create and fill your coaching program with ease?

Enroll today...

...and get these special bonuses

  • How to Overcome Objections

    If you're having trouble closing the sale, then you're going to love this video training. It will help you get in the mindset of a sales superstar.

  • My Client On-Boarding Workflow

    These are the exact steps that I take each time I enroll a new one-on-one client. Now you'll never miss a step as you on-board your new clients.

  • Private Community Group

    This private group was originally set up for the LIVE users, but now you get the same opportunity they had. Connect with other motivated coaches, share your wins, and ask for help from your peers. I am also in the group often answering questions.

I'm so excited to finally share this with you.

As someone who literally built a coaching business from scratch...

...I had no network 

...I had little experience (or so I thought) 

...I had no email list 

...I had no clue 

I'm here to tell you that it's 100% possible to create a coaching program that gets results for your clients, and creates a sustainable income for you. 

I spent months and months figuring all of this out. 

I failed over and over again, but I kept getting back up. 

The Create & Fill Your Coaching Program course is a brain dump of everything I've learned over the past few years. 

Now you get to skip all the hard stuff and just get to what works. 

I'm going to share everything you need to start selling your coaching program.

As always, I make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

That's why I'm sharing...

  • My Successful Sales Call Script

  • My One-on-One Coaching Contract

  • My Client Welcome Email Template

  • My Client Coaching Goals Worksheet

But I won't stop there.

Because my goal for you is that you become confident selling at every level, even high-ticket.

That's why you're getting the best-selling program Package & Profit which will help you continue to upgrade your marketing as you begin selling high-ticket coaching packages.

Yes, you can start by charging a low price, but that doesn't mean you have to stay there.

I'm living proof. Join me and start reaching your full potential. It's time to finally create and fill your coaching program.


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