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She definitely goes above and beyond to make sure you succeed!

I have to say this lady is truly amazing!!! I just finished part 2 of her work shop Grow Your List Grow Your Income... (Basically how to grow your email list...) But she literally took us step by step through everything... Down to showing us how to set up different things you need to achieve this and different resources we could use... She definitely goes above and beyond to make sure you succeed... Even her emails are dope!!! Lol I'm saying all this to say if you need asst she's worth it... And I will definitely be taking more courses... Thank you @latishastylestv!!! (she's on FB too) #investinyourself #investinyourdreams

How did I leave my 9-5?

How did I leave my 9-5?

At first I thought my blog was going to bring in the income I needed to quit.

But after months of seeing my income fluctuate based on...

  •   changes in Google, 
  •   the seasons, 
  •   and how much traffic I could get..

I realized that I needed a more sustainable way to earn a steady monthly income.

That’s when I decided to build my platform online.

I built my platform as a millennial finance expert

Suddenly, I was getting featured on Forbes, The Economist, Business Insider and Kiplinger’s.

I started to get requests from Fortune 500 
companies to partner on video segments, articles, and social campaigns. 

I started booking speaking engagements and I even got multiple requests to be the talent on a new TV show. 

My income took off and I put in my two weeks notice.

None of this would have happened if I hadn’t built my platform online.

Recently, I started to get requests from other business owners. 

They wanted my help to build an online platform.

You see, all of this information is out there, but until now, it hasn’t been in one place.

I created 31 Days to Build Your Online Platform to show you exactly how to become seen as the expert in your field. 

I’ll take you step-by-step through my journey and show you exactly how to use each piece to build your platform.

Once you do, your credibility will speak for you before you even open your mouth. 

I’m going to take you from no audience and no visibility...

to having raving fans that can’t wait to work with you. 

(And I’ll show you exactly how to make the sale.)

This is what we'll cover...

  • 1

    Week 1 - Choose Your Platform

    • Day 1: How to build a platform online

    • Day 2: 3 Tips for business owners starting a blog

    • Day 3: Why you NEED to podcast as a smallbiz owner

    • Day 4: Marketing on Periscope brings new customers. Here's how

    • Day 5: 5 Creative ways to use Instagram & Pinterest

    • Day 6: Boost your biz using Facebook and save money

    • Day 7: 10 Tips to grow your platform on Youtube

  • 2

    Week 2 - Design Your Brand

    • Day 8: How branding can build a platform online

    • Day 9: No brand mission means no customers!

    • Day 10: Why it's profitable to be you & no one else

    • Day 11: Whisper sweet nothings to your ideal client

    • Day 12: Give me a reason to listen or I'm gone

    • Day 13: Why your brand voice lacks substance

    • Day 14: How to keep consistent branding visuals

  • 3

    Week 3 - Get The Word Out

    • Day 15: Your online platform needs offline boosts

    • Day 16: Is guest posting dead? The surprising answer

    • Day 17: Lend your voice, find new clients

    • Day 18: Now you can get press mentions for free!

    • Day 19: How to book speaking engagements

    • Day 20: Why FREE is your FRIEND in business

    • Day 21: How to attract new clients from conferences

  • 4

    Week 4 - Monetize Your Platform

    • Day 22: 3 Reasons your biz needs charitable giving

    • Day 23: How to create a fountain of prospects

    • Day 24: Need customers? Give first.

    • Day 25: Would you pay 50 cents to get 35 dollars?

    • Day 26: How to be client attractive

    • Day 27: How to profit from online events

    • Day 28: 3 tools to automate your service business

    • Day 29: How to have a successful sales call

    • Day 30: Get new clients immediately with this

    • Day 31: How to get sponsorships, new clients, your own TV show

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